It is always good to see Watford FC doing well in the Premier League, currently sitting in 12th place after securing a draw against West Ham. If last year’s resignation of Raffaele Riva and the circumstances that surrounded it weren’t bad enough, the team is now dealing with a series of injuries.

These injuries are starting to have a serious impact on Watford’s ability to stay competitive, especially as it is scheduled to face some tough rivals over the coming weeks. Injury problems continue to plague Watford and its players. The big question is: will it still be able to perform?

Mauro Zarate Ruled Out

During the match against West Ham, Mauro Zarate was injured; quite severely, too. It was Zarate’s third appearance for Watford, yet it ended in a rather spectacular fashion. It was almost as spectacular as the way Jared Payne was forced to step down from the 6 Nations tournament, as covered by Ladbrokes.

In fact, Zarate had to be carried away wearing an oxygen mask whilst in excruciating pain. The news that came afterwards wasn’t good. Soon after, Zarate was confirmed to be injured severely, having suffered from anterior cruciate ligament rupture. The team doctors believe he will not be able to play for the remainder of the season.

Zarate is considered a fantastic addition to the team. His ability to turn opportunities into real points and break through the opposing teams’ defensive line is invaluable to the Hornets. The moment he was carried away from the field while receiving a standing ovation from both sides was the moment this season ended for him.

Not the Only One

Zarate wasn’t the only one injured during the Watford vs. West Ham match. Daryl Janmaat, another crucial member of the team, was also injured. He had to retire from the match as well, albeit not in the same spectacular fashion as Zarate. The team is starting to question its luck after suffering from two injured players in one match.

Is that the end of the list? Not at all. We still have Roberto Pereyra, who is still struggling from a long-term injury. Pereyra has been sitting on the bench for quite a while now, leaving a big gap for the rest of the team to fill.

We also have Nordin Amrabat, who is also still injured after suffering from an ankle ligament problem. Both the team management and supporters are starting to worry about their future, especially with a number of Premier League matches still ahead of them.

Players of Glass

This series of injuries are causing the team to have to rethink its strategies. Experts and fans alike are saying that Watford has been signing players made of glass, which is why they break so easily. Premier League is not a particularly rough league, so one can only wonder if the team can build a strong enough squad and stay competitive.

Of course, we will be covering the latest updates just for you. Be sure to check back regularly for new players, line-ups and other updates straight from Watford.